I, like many people, have been following #agentchat and #litchat with great interest. I think that it brings out a great chance to ask the professionals questions, for agents to hear other agents responses, for writers to network.

What would happen if we applied that formula to small press and magazines? Bart Leib, editor of Crossed Genres, is compiling an ebook of cover-letter tips for magazine submissions. As we were discussing, while opportunities to learn about querying agents, book publication, etc. are quite common, there seem to be fewer resources for learning the same processes about magazine submissions.

A lot of us have gotten our start in small press/short story markets. I think that, if I had been able to hear from the pros themselves, this might have saved all of us the time and trouble of some of the stupid mistakes I committed! (Yes, I am quite frequently That Stupid.)

Here’s the idea: Hashtag #editorchat. Participants: Small press/magazine editors primarily. Published authors free to jump in with their opinions and personal advice. Anyone is welcome to ask questions, voice concerns, talk amongst themselves, etc. Time: Whenever a few of us get online, guidelines set for start and finish. We could also schedule a few longer chats, here and there.

Anyone interested?


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