Fear Week

The wonderful Campaign for Real Fear has been getting a lot of attention, and deservedly so. I submitted a piece last week, and I’ve been thinking a bit about the subject since.

We all have our personal monsters. I’ve heard many stories from my friends about what they fear, or the fear in their past. I’ve heard even more stories about how they’ve overcome that fear.

So here’s my challenge for you: Join me in facing your fears. Write about one of your fears. It can be told as a fantasy, a myth, or any means of delivery that you choose. It can range from 10 words to 500.

The catch? The story needs to include how you’ve faced your fear, or plan to face it, or stay alive despite its presence.

I will post everything that is sent to me. It is up to you whether or not you want your name included. I am happy to publish it as ‘anonymous’.

I need the submissions in by May 3, so that I can organize them and get them scheduled to post. I’m out of town May 9-12, so it will work perfectly to schedule them in advance.

The submissions will be posted in batches, depending on word count, over the course of the week. Attribution will be given for those who want it.

Face your fear.


Deadline: May 3rd
Publication date: May 9-15
Word count: Anything up to 500 words
Compensation: NONE. This is simply a spur of the moment guest-blog, basically.
Additional Guidelines: PLEASE spellcheck and check for clarity/grammar. I won’t be editing these, so if there is something that is simply unreadable, I won’t be posting it.
Send your pieces to: jaym removethis dot gates removethis at gmail dot com (Please remove the italicized portions. I don’t like putting my email out here at all, so this will help me control spam….hopefully.)
Title: Please include the phrase “Fear Week” somewhere in the title so that Gmail (hopefully) won’t send anything to Spam.
Twitter hashtag: #fearweek

If you have questions, please leave comments here, and check back for replies. Thank you!


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