The Thing Is…

Hi all. I’m behind. I apologize, because I took on a couple of things before I knew when I’d be in CA, and I should have staggered them out a bit. Therefore, here’s the updated list of events.

#zinechat the second: A special bit of news…John Joseph Adams will be joining us for the second #zinechat on May 24, at 9 pm! This is a phenomenal opportunity to pick the brain of an awarded anthologist and editor. In fact, I’ll be guiding the discussion–as much as possible–in the direction of anthology-focused questions.

Please join us! This is going to be a great evening. Think of all of those burning questions that you just haven’t known who to ask!

Fear Week: I thought that I’d have more time to promote Fear Week than I did. So, since a miscommunication on my part might have led to some confusion, there’s been a minor shift of plans.

The new deadline is Saturday night, May 15. PLEASE get anything in that you’d like to have me post. Again, the theme is a flash piece about your worst fear. Fictionized or not, it doesn’t matter to me.

I will post the entries over Monday-Wednesday.

Little Death of Crossed Genres: The deadline for submissions is JUNE 1! We’re heading for our first issue at break-neck speed! If you have something for us, we need more submissions. The more, the better. And our lovely Slusher, Queen of the Snowdogs, Michelle Muenzler, will refrain from gnawing on the editors if you send us more!

I’m going to be at ReaderCon in July, but I’m looking for someone to share our room. There are three people so far, so I’d like to get one or two more. Splitting costs makes everything better. Co-ed room. Also, if you’re going to be there, please say hi!

I’ll also be at ConCarolinas, as press. Again, if you are there, please let me know. I love new people.

That’s all that I can think of for the moment.


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