Next date: June 15, 2010

Time: 9pm EST-11pm EST, roughly

Guest: John Klima, editor of Electric Velocipede, Hugo winner

What we do: #zinechat is a monthly opportunity for editors, magazine and small-press staff, readers and writers to get together and talk. Ask any questions that you might have, as long as they concern magazines, submission, publication, or small-press. Bring curiousity, an open mind, and lots and lots of questions.

How does it work? Just Twitter your question and use the hashtag #zinechat. You can direct it at a specific editor, but we’re a helpful bunch, yes we are, and we’ll probably all chime in.

What doesn’t fly? Abuse, whether it is considered to be snarky or not, please refrain from ragging on anyone. Harassing a particular person is also dissuaded. If you have a bone to pick because someone rejected your story, this is not the place to gripe about it. Positive, please!

Please, join us! We’ll have new guests each month, hopefully, so keep checking back!


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