Rigor Amortis

The zombie anthology that doesn’t want your brains.

This started out as a joke on Twitter and took on an awful unlife, so bear with me. Further guidelines will be posted sometime between Monday and Tuesday, when I have had a chance to consult smarter people.

Subject: Zombie erotica. (This can include sub-types, such as lichs, mummies, ghouls, etc.)

Disclaimer #1: Yes, I’m serious. This is not a joke.

Wordcount: 100-1000 words.

Deadline: July 1

Theoretical Completion: August 1

Twitter Hashtag: #rigoramortis

Disclaimer #2: This is for fun. Contributor e-copies only.

Disclaimer #3: If you know of someone who is looking for a mini-thology of zombie erotica, let me know! Might be a new genre, you never know!

Disclaimer #4: I’m going to be at ReaderCon. A.) Please refrain from strangling me for any nightmares this
may give you, and B.) I’ve got to carve 2 weeks out that I will just be doing essential stuff, hence the later publishing date.

Any questions? Let me know.


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