Rigor Amortis Amok

Sorry, sorry. It’s late, and I can’t help myself. Which is why I’m asking everyone else for help. More specifically, for a simple answer: Yes, or No. Qualifications on those answers are entirely up to you, and may be munched around the edges.

Here’s the deal: You remember how I said that this was for giggles? And added the caveat that ‘you never know what might happen’? Well, someone breathed something onto this idea, because this is trying to be the little anthology that could.

Erika Holt saw the post and suggested pitching it to Absolute Xpress, an imprint of Edge Books. They have invited me to submit the manuscript for consideration, once it is done.

Here’s the catch: This means that we’d have to do proper submissions. Originally, everyone would be in. Now, unless we all work together really well, that wouldn’t be the case. There would need to be a *lot* of interest. There’s a lot of work to do. And, honestly, I can’t promise anything.

On the upside…It could very well work. I don’t know what the hell got into this thing, but it’s been three days and we’re already talking to a publisher. So you might get to see your name on one of the year’s stranger anthologies.

So, please let me know: Shall I contact the editor of Absolute Xpress and start working out details? Shall we shop around? Or shall this just be kept fun and games for now?

I vote to try for it. Even if they pass it up, what’s the loss? We go back to the original plan. If we *do* go through with it, my goal will be to make sure that this is something to be proud of.

What say you? If you’ve got thoughts that you don’t want to share here, email me at Gmail: jaym.gates


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