Rigor Amortis: Official Guidelines

What is Rigor Amortis?

It is a flash-fiction anthology of zombie erotica/romance. Started as a joke on Twitter, it has expanded exponentially. From joke to fun for friends to full-fledged anthology, it’s moving quickly.

Erika Holt and I will be co-editing this.

We have talked to an award-winning Canadian Press about publishing Rigor Amortis. They have shown a great deal of interest, and are working with us to make sure that it follows their guidelines. They want to make sure that it is of sufficient quality first, however. So you don’t just have to impress Erika, the slushers and me, you have to write something that will make the editors sit up and go ‘oh HELL yes!!’

We are looking for 20+ stories, 300-1000 words in length.

There is no promise that the publisher will accept this. However, if they pass, we will be searching for publication elsewhere. So please, be patient with us.

Zombies must be central to the story. Whether all of the characters are zombies, or only one, they must be part of the erotic/romantic aspect. Creepy, funny, sweet, weird, whatever you like.

Step outside of the rotting-corpse norm if you like. Haitian zombies, lichs, ghouls, mummies, what have you. No vampires/ghosts though, please. Zombie-type critters only. Reanimated corpses.

Disclaimer: If this press does not buy the anthology, we will shop for another publisher. Should a publishing company not buy this anthology, we will do a self-publication. Payment in such a case will be copies of the e-book *only*.

Official Guidelines

Title: Rigor Amortis

Editors: Jaym Gates and Erika Holt

Submission Type: Flash-Fiction

Genre: Zombies, Erotica/Romance/Horror

Deadline: *UPDATE* New, Extended Deadline: July 15.

Length: 300-1000 words, loose (round the numbers. If it’s within 50 below or 50 above, it’s fine. If your story just won’t fit within those lengths, email me and ask.)

Payment: Token payment per author if bought by publisher. Contributor’s Copy e-book otherwise.

Restrictions: Please verify that you are over 18 when you submit. This anthology will contain sexual content.

Special Requests: If you would like to pull your story in event of the publisher passing up the project, please indicate this in your submission.

Send to: ImbriumArts@gmail.com

Please submit your story pasted into the body of your email or attached as a .doc (in Standard Manuscript Format). No cover letter required. Include RIGOR AMORTIS in the title of your email, so that the filters catch it.


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