State of the Rigor: 6/5

Just a quick update with several purposes.

First, remember: deadline is July 1! We’ve already gotten a handful of very nice subs, and are looking forward to getting many, many more.

Second: We’ve been cleared by our potential publisher to mention them explicitly. Absolute XPress, an imprint of Edge/Tesseract Books, an award-winning Canadian press, a great group with some phenomenal output.

Third: I mentioned the anthology in a panel last night, ‘Are there any taboos left in horror movies?’ (The answer, by the way, was yes.). Anyways, artist Robert Snare has indicated his interest, both in writing and contributing art. I’ll be talking with him at greater length today.

Fourth: Every single one of you is amazing and this couldn’t have been done without you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go murder Gmail.


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