#zinechat 3

The latest episode of Zinechat was another success! Although Twitter has developed the annoying habit of dying on us every time we start one, we have persevered and triumphed and…right.

And I hope that everyone will forgive me: every time I’ve tried to write this damn post, Twitter has been dead or older tweets were not available or the fail whale was swimming or something. So I’m doing all of this out of memory, which is an unreliable beast.

We had well over 30 participants this time, both recurring and new. The list included:

John Klima, editor of Electric Velocipede. Guest of Honor.
Bart Leib, editor of Crossed Genres.
Kaolin Fire, editor of GUD Magazine.
Jade Blackwater, Brainripples/Pennwriters
Jennifer Brozek, editor of Edge of Propinquity/Apex submissions editor
Redstone SF
Southern Fried Weirdness

There are a bunch more, and this list will be updated as soon as Twitter gets its act together!


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