Miscellaneous Pretties

I’ve actually been watching movies recently. Shocking, yes. Here are the ones that have left an impression.


Harvie Krumpet: An animated short film, voiced by actor Geoffrey Rush (POTC, etc). Entirely Claymation, there’s an odd, quirky, gentle charm to the movie. It is certainly Weird, and decidedly funny at times. Bonus points for Claymation ‘bits’ that had me do a spit-take.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvie_Krumpet (spoilers)

Repo: The Genetic Opera: What can I say about this movie. I hate musicals, but this is *awesome*. Fetish, gore, dystopia, pretty things, dead people, hard rock, chaotic carnivals, phenomenal music, it’s just a drug-fueled beauty. I want to live in this world! But underneath the flash, the story of a father/daughter relationship, coming to terms with a child growing up, mutual respect, etc, carries the movie along.

Warning: don’t watch this if you are easily offended, grossed out or sensitive. There is a *lot* of blood, fetish, violence and sex here. Remember: this is the movie that makes me jealous. That should be its own warning.

Bonus #1: Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) steals the is show. His voice is insanely good, and he sells all the drama of his role.

Bonus #2: The costumes. Stuck on what to wear to the next con? Don’t be. There’s a goldmine here.

Bonus #2a: If someone makes, wears and SELLS the Graverobber’s costume–I mean, absolutely turns into the character–I will kiss you. I mean it. Same for a Repo Man costume.

Ong Bak II: Dunno if I should admit to this one. But I’m a sucker for the main character dying horribly. Also a sucker for the mythological, fantastical and surreal elements that permeate Asian film.


Ink: I could watch this movie a dozen times in a week. A Canadian Indie production, Ink is another one of those films that gets under your skin. I’m too tired to reduce this film to mere words. Go watch!

Pan’s Labyrinth: Old news. I get that. But it has gotten under my skin and is stuck there. No other movie has upset me like this one. It is stunningly made, and maybe the beauty brings that much more intensity to the violence. Whatever the case, this is how a modern fairytale should be written.


UP: Sweet, nostalgic, great for all ages.

Thirst: Granted, I haven’t watched this all the way through. It can be somewhat slow. But it is a great vampire movie! Very disturbing, erotic, and quietly fetishistic.

Hero: I haven’t watched this for several years. But the scenes still color my writing. It is surreal, layered and intense. Classic Asian awesomeness.


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