ReaderCon: Sure it’s not Sunday?

Writers and bars go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether that be coffee or alcohol bars, it doesn’t matter. So, at a con, where do you find the writers/editors/etc?

The bar. In some cases, at the bar, indulging in the chance for long-distance relationships to spend some time together while listening to a certain editor nerdcore rap. Douglas Cohen, Christie Yant, John Joseph Adams, Blake Charlton, Matt London, Elizabeth Glover, Amy Goldschlager and many others were there, off and on. Topics ranged from alcohol to editing the Powder Puff Girls. Great fun was had…and then everyone went off to the Meet the Pros while Christie and I stayed behind to talk, commiserate and plot.

That lasted all of ten minutes. A group of guys descended around us. Not ReaderCon boys, which would have been more than awesome. We couldn’t figure who they were, and they weren’t telling us. ‘Three black guys and three white guys, what do you think?’ We think you should go away and leave us alone? About the time they started lying to us about what they were doing there, and acting about twenty times less intelligent than the Corona Light could account for, we fled to join the men. JJ and Doug are good to hide behind. So we were a little burned out on people, but hid in the group and had a great time.

It’s great to meet people you’ve talked to/worked with extensively. With Neil Clarke appearing on #zinechat in a couple of weeks, it was great to talk to him, not just about the chat, but in general. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the industry, very easy to talk to.

I’ve had a case of awesome over K. Tempest Bradford for a long time. She hired me to Fantasy, and I owe her my position in the industry. And getting a huge hug from her was awesome.

Long story short, ReaderCon is the place to go if you’re serious about writing, or about meeting people, or seeing old friends. Definitely worth it.

And further proof that this con understands writers? The panels don’t start till 11am. Take a lesson, Dragon*Con.


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