Rigor Amortis: The Undead Wonder

It’s official! Rigor Amortis will be getting published by Absolute Xpress! This is, indeed, the Little Book That Could.

Erika met with the publisher yesterday. He’s already done layouts, edits and formatting, so he had the actual manuscript. Lovely! He asked us to reorder some of the stories, but other than that, it’s entirely minor things.

His response to the art was a lovely surprise. We’d been stressing because trying to fit everything into a certain page count didn’t leave us much room for art, and we couldn’t decide! So we sent him everything we had, so that *he* could make the choice.

He not only used every single piece of art, he requested about a dozen more pieces! Huge thanks to Galen Dara and Miranda Jean for their flexibility and enthusiasm.

This entire experience is reinforcing my love of small-press people. Since the start of the project, the publisher has been working right along with us to make sure that we get what’s best for all of us. The turn-around on the book is ridiculously good: we sent him the manuscript Friday night, he made his changes by Tuesday morning.

More than that, Rigor Amortis will be available, if all goes well, the beginning of October. Which means that we’ll have it at WFC, several major Canadian conventions, as well as whatever conventions our authors are going to.

So, given that we’ve been approved, here’s the TOC, in no particular order:

Alexander Masterson
Wendy Wagner
Kaolin Fire
Johann Carlisle
Jay Faulkner
Nathan Crowder
Lance Schonberg
Xander Briggs
Jacob Ruby
Edward Morris
J.R. Campbell
R.S. Devin
Lucia Starkey
Michael Gillette
Kay Holt
Jennifer Brozek
Calvin Jim
Renee Bennett
Eric VanNewkirk
John Remy
Armand Rosamilia
Patch Alberti
Michael Phillips
Sarah Goslee
Steven James Scearce
Andrew Penn Romine
Carrie Cuinn
Damon B.
V.R. Roadifer
Michael Ellsworth
Don Pizarro
Annette Dupree


Galen Dara
Miranda Jean

One thing that I am particularly proud of is the LGBT representation. Two of our stories are m/m, a couple are ambigious. 5 (I think) are lesbian or f/f, while several contain queer encounters. Though they are still outnumbered by the straight submissions, I’m happy to see the spec-fic community bringing a variety of pairings to the table.

We received, in the end, over 130 submissions. It was ~hard~ to choose. Erika and I spent hours (no, really) discussing the table of contents. For everyone who sent us a submission, or spread the word, or talked about it in any way, thank you! (and please, don’t be shy about continuing to do so!)

Authors, I’ll be contacting you soon about the conventions, promotions and other stuff. Reviewers, bloggers or anyone else interested in being involved, please email me at ImbriumArts at gmail.com and let me know what you’d like from me.


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