Dragon*Con: A schedule

Wheee, day after tomorrow.

Also: oh SHIT.

Anyways, while I’ve racked up a full list of panels I want to attend very few of them are set in stone. There are a lot of people I need to catch up with while I’m there!

I should also have the first Rigor Amortis promotional materials with me, as well as stuff for Crossed Genres, GUD, Port Iris Zine and others. Feel free to stop me and listen to me blather about zombie erotica and getting more science into science fiction!

Places I’m committed to, for one reason or another:

(warning, titles are approximate. I use Jaym’s Special Shorthand, which often stumps me more than other readers.)


11:30 am: Whedon track, Losing Your Religion. (Friend running panel, must go heck…er, support and contribute.)
2:30: Apocalypse Rising: Death From Above. (Need you ask?)
4:00: Apocalypse Rising: Super Author Roundtable. (It’s got Jonathan Mayberry. Enough said.)
5:30: Dark Fantasy: Under Your Skin. (Again…why ask?)
7:00-11:00 pm: Jaym tries to shuffle the lines of time and space to attend 3 things.
1:30am: Ego Likeness show


2:30: Apocalypse Rising: Oil Disasters
5:30: Ego Likeness Reading (Must be there. Who wants to help me haul the books in for them?)
10:00: Dark Fantasy: Love Rots. (Zombie erotica. And me too late discovering it to be on the panel. SADNESS.)
11:00 Browncoat’s Shindig


Haunting the Dark Fantasy and Alternate History rooms from 11am to 11pm.


11:30 am: Ego Likeness signing. (More book hauling.)
1:00: Zines, Zines, Zines. I’m a participant here. Please come by so I don’t feel lonely. Please? Pretty please? There might be incentives. Just sayin’.

Most of that time has panels I’d like to attend, but the Ego Likeness and Browncoat stuff is all I’m 100% tied into.

Remember, I’m always available for hijinks.


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