Soon to be!

A quick, post-Dragon*Con update, for those asking, of the projects I have through the end of the year. Highly subject to change, and in no particular order.

1.) Rigor Amortis launches within a month.

a.) Readings: I need to set up/finalize readings in Raleigh, at WFC, NY Comic-Con, Southern California, Pac NW, and England…for within the next 5 months. More conventions to target after that, depending on a piece of news I won’t be able to share for a while.

b.) Twitter-launch: Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter/Facebook for a Rigor Amortis mini-reading. Each author will be sharing a few lines from their story. I may also try to do a give-away, depending on my time.

2.) Zinechats/Editorial Group

a.) Zinechat continues to be very popular, with growing attendance. I’m way behind on scheduling, but waiting to hear from a couple of people before I can move on with it.

b.) There’s been discussion of forming a small editorial group. This was my original intention behind Zinechat, a place for editors to meet and share tips, experience, etc. Casey Seda, of Port Iris Zine, is the mastermind behind this one.

c.) I’ll probably wait until January to launch the full calendar. At that point, 2 per month, planned roughly through the end of the year. If you have Google Calendar, I’ll be able to share it with you directly.

3.) Raw Dog Screaming Press, Publicity

a.) Working on the publicity for wonderful person and author, Jake Fuchs. If I could clone this man a thousand times, I so would. He’s been a joy to work with, and very patient with the slowness of what I’m trying to do.

b.) That being said, if you have a PR person, go give them a virtual hug if they’ve set up even one reading for you. My GOD. That can be an interesting experience. A very, very long, interesting experience.

c.) Retrospective. This is going to be a regular thing, at least for a while. It is pretty time-consuming, but very fun. So far, we’ve featured authors Adam Golaski, Mike Arnzen, Jeremy C. Shipp, D. Harlan Wilson and Jeffrey Thomas. Many, many more to come.

d.) Secret projects in planning.

e.) Building online presence.

4.) Anthologies

a.) Erika and I have spent the day discussing our next projects. I’ve been able to feel out interest, and received promising feedback on them already. Tentative subjects: Jazz Age urban fantasy/horror, and Sword and Sorcery focusing on primeval, non-western cultures and deities.

b.) Titles. ~headdesk~

5.) Single Cell Productions

a.) Can’t say much here, except that this is a local company that I am incredibly excited to work with. It’s going to be a LOT of work, and will involve a steep learning curve, but it should also get me out of the house a bit more.

b.) The inevitable downside of this is that I’ve just committed to staying in the South for a while longer. I can’t express how much this depresses me. I’d already come to the realization that I didn’t have the money this year. I’m starting to feel just a little trapped, y’know? Can’t get out of here to save my life, it would appear.

6.) Emergent Element

a.) A group focused on supporting the small press. We’re hoping to launch this soon. More details will follow.

7.) Crossed Genres

a.) Science in My Fiction: I have a series of posts coming up: Building the Apocalypse. Covering topics including fire tornadoes, silver as a viable werewolf antidote, and black magic, from a scientific viewpoint, this is going to be a ridiculously fun romp.

b.) We’re a little behind with CG Little Death, as may have been noticed, due to some technical issues. Never fear, it is coming.

c.) Natania Barron and I are going to be co-editors of Crossed Genres proper!

8.) My Writing

a.) I have invitations to 3 very cool anthologies, due in October, December and January. Haven’t started on a one.

b.) Still would like to revise my novel manuscripts, and compile a collection of some of my Weird work.

c.) Lots of nonfiction.

d.) I have some stories I’d muchly like to finish.

9.) Miscellaneous

a.) Travel: trying very, very hard to get to WFC. Dragon*Con gobbled a lot of my money, however, so we’ll see. I canceled one CA trip home, extremely reluctantly. I desperately miss home, but I’m to the point of implosion over family issues. Even a few days of contact has become too much, with my grandmother destabilizing more than ever. So I’ll go out for Christmas, and pray to the dark gods that I don’t ruin everything.

b.) There will be an Author’s Night in November, in Raleigh. Lots of planning for this.

c.) Job hunting. Yes, I have one. But I’m working WAY under my expertise and interest levels.

d.) Car hunting. My beloved truck is dying. ~weeps~

e.) House hunting. Yep. This one just is not working.

f.) Dayjob continues, thankfully, and is headed into the holidays.

g.) Jewelry commissions.

h.) Non-fiction.

i.) Volunteering with the Police Department.

j.) Finally getting my official, legal gun permit.

k.) And a business license. Hush you, they aren’t related, really.

l.) Misc. publicity and advising work, which seems to crop up all over the place.

Yeah, life is full. Boredom? What?


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