As some of you might know, Rigor Amortis, an anthology of zombie romance and erotica, releases tomorrow. To celebrate that, we’re going to have some fun.

On Friday, Bitten by Books will be hosting us for a chat and a give-away. The prize will be a one-of-a-kind color print of Galen Dara’s beautiful The Zombie Kiss.

We’ll also be giving away a couple of things on the Facebook page. So, if you have a facebook account, go over there, join, and you’ll see the instructions tomorrow on how to enter.

Hint: Gourmet zombies.

This is Zombie week, so if you want a copy of Rigor Amortis, and can order it on Amazon tomorrow, it would help our rankings, which leads to more sales! Use the hashtage #zombieweek along with #rigoramortis on twitter, asking us or our authors a question about zombies or the book, or even just letting us know you bought the book, and you’ll be entered to win an art poster.

The give-away will run through the end of next Wednesday, so spread the word!


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