Zombie Week: The Outbreak

It takes a lot to make a zombie book. It takes even more to keep it caged. But we managed, somewhat, until October 1, and then some smart-ass editors went and let it out of the box.

Rigor Amortis wasted no time in claiming victims. From the hapless people who offered to review it, to the many devoured readers, it turned a small army.

How did we track the plague? Well, on Friday, by Amazon Rankings and a little thing called ‘Bitten by Books’. I’m surprised we didn’t crash Amazon, what with the ‘refreshrefreshohlookupaplacerefreshrefreshuponemoreplace!’ (Yes, I was talking like that this weekend. Ask anyone.)

Friday closed with us taking #30 in the Amazon Top 100 Horror Books, and #795 in overall rankings. Not bad for this slender, hungry little book.

The first rush is over. The plague is spreading. We’re waiting for the first sightings and reports, now, and gearing up for conventions.

Rigor Amortis has been to VCon, and will be going to World Fantasy, along with many of its authors, at the end of this (!!!!) month. If you have a copy, they will be happy to sign it for you. We’ll have an appearance at Orycon, too, and a couple of Canadian conventions.

To EVERYONE who has participated…you are the best. Ever. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.


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