Zombie Week: Cookin’ Up a Storm

When Bitten By Books asked me to come up with some stuff to get participants involved, the first thing that sprang to mind was ‘ooo, a recipe contest!’. What better way to let everyone get those creative, nasty juices flowing? And who better to judge it than John Remy, author of the story Forbidden Feast at the Armageddon Cafe?

It was a smashing success. It was very hard to choose. (This is why I have OTHER people judge contests. I’d just award about ten prizes, and be broke in a month.)

To quote John, the winner’s recipe is a tasty description (it belongs on a menu at the Armageddon Cafe) actually made this vegan salivate. Just a tiny bit. Hope that doesn’t worry you any.

Not at all, John, not at all. Participant and zombie chef Rae M will be receiving an art print from Rigor Amortis, for her multi-course extravaganza.

Well if you’re going to make a meal of a human you don’t want anything to go to waste, so it’s best to spread it out during over courses.

For an Entree a tartar of ground meat from the arms spread out over a baked piece of skin for crispness and drizzled with spinal fluid.
For a soup a mix of the organs, kidneys, liver, heart cut up and boiled in blood.
For the main course I think a nice pasta dish with intestines and a blood sauce served with grilled lungs and stomach cut into slices on top.
For dessert deep fried fingers covered in chocolate and powdered sugar.

What are you having for Thanksgiving dinner?


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