Having basically spaced on this whole ‘having a blog’ thing, I shall pretend to be utterly mortified. Heh. November has always felt like the New Year, probably because my birthday kicks the month off. Wonky senses of time and all that. So this month is about closing out the previous (amazing) year and getting ready for an even more wonderful year. Happily, I’ll be ringing this year in with friends and what I love most.

Anyways, World Fantasy Con is bearing down like a freight train. I’ve got to work 2 really early shifts this week, and then I fly out on Thursday morning. Still seems strange to have such a short flight, most of my flights are to the West Coast! All of my evenings are already at least marginally spoken for: Dinners on Thursday and Friday, Edge event/party on Saturday, and major Halloween shenanigans on Sunday with some Rigor Amortis folk. Between that, Janice (Edge PR queen) and I have a gallivant around Columbus to find chocolate for the event. Oh, the horror. How will I survive? If I bounce back into the hotel on a sugar high, just save time and run for your life.

I also have a discussion of Sword and Sorcery with a bunch of phenomenal people: Jason Waltz, John O’Neill, Howard Jones, Alex Bledsoe, Bill Ward and James Enge. Hopefully we can work out the schedule so that John and Patrick from Functional Nerds will be able to record this, thus saving the inevitable hilarity of ME meeting an entirely new technology. The time is still being wrangled around pre-existing schedules.

There’s been a lot of bitching from my side recently about my shoulder. It’s been a few months now of higher-than-normal pain, largely due to stress. This tweaks a lot of other things as well: my knee (go figure), my entire arm, and my left side in compensation for being nice to the right side. I’ve also had muscle tremors in my neck, which started when I came down with a nasty cold. Thanks, coworkers. Needless to say, this leads to a lot more sleep than usual. In consequence: I’m sorry if I’m slow getting back to you on something. I really don’t like being this behind!

Erika and I are slowly getting in gear to work on 20Spec. Right now, our energy is focused on publication agreements for it. There’s another anthology in the works, as well, but that won’t be announced for a while, probably.

Natania and I are taking the reins for Crossed Genres, and started by implementing a huge change: moving to quarterly print publication. We’ll still have monthly web content, but print issues will be the size of a small book, and contain both web reprints and new content. Those will be quarterly, and the schedule for those will be announced shortly.

I almost didn’t make it out last night, after work. But I’m glad I did, because the new club Marigny is doing something right. Single Cell can be proud of itself for last night, to be sure. And the people? Beautiful. On a related note: there’s nothing like a beautiful drag queen to make a girl feel a bit inferior. Good grief. Sometimes I’m glad men aren’t expected to pretty themselves up.

Unfortunately, I had to turn down delicious, generous drinks from friends. Something about not eating for 14 hours, being stressed and already a little sideways. Then again, I’m half the size of those guys, so it’s an uneven battle at best! However, I look forward to putting Bill Ward’s accusations to rest this weekend: I DO drink, I CAN hold my alcohol, I just do NOT drink cheap alcohol. Triggers allergies every. single. time.

The author’s night is coming up quickly, too. November 11, I’ll be driving up to Raleigh to meet with some of the bright stars of the local literary world. I’m hoping this will be the inaugural event of a series of events featuring local authors. I’ve talked to editor Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, editor of Bullspec, and Bullspec will be sponsoring future events in its mission of highlighting the surprisingly rich North Carolinian writer’s community.

Rigor Amortis promotion continues. John Remy takes the prize for best Halloween costume: zombified Mormon missionary. Keep an eye on the Rigor Amortis page, I’ll be uploading pictures tonight. V.R. Roadifer has a picture as the sexy lady on the RA cover (complete with black hair and green skin!!!), and artist Galen Dara posted some pictures as a lovely, leather-jacketed zombie from HER zombie walk. Been a good weekend!

A reminder: The Edge event at World Fantasy is on Saturday afternoon, 4-6pm. Rigor Amortis authors and editors will be there. We will have chocolate and wine. BE THERE!

Playlist: Oomph! Paperchase, Eisbrecher, Kaizer’s Orchestra, Mesh


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