Spec-Fic Night: November

Tonight was the inaugural North Carolina Speculative-Fiction Night. Originally, there was an ‘Author’s’ in there before the night, but that was before I realized that NC actually has, A), an extremely strong gaming community, B.), a strong selection of editors, and C.) a not half-bad selection of podcasters.

I started putting this together a few months ago, and the damn thing promptly did what most of my ideas do and mutated. (Don’t believe me? Rigor Amortis was supposed to be a self-published e-book for fun, the S&S discussion was going to be a couple of people in a chat room, Zinechat…shall I keep going?)

This is how it went:

“I know lots of cool spec-fic people in NC. Let’s do a fun, relaxing event together!”
“Uh-oh. That’s a lot of people who are interested. Where would this happen?”
Twitter. Facebook.
“Shit. Ok, so now we’re at Barnes and Noble, and David Beauchamp and Richard Dansky are in.”
Twitter. Facebook.
“Crap! I didn’t know Kij Johnson was local! Oh, that’s right, I met James Maxey at Nasfic, he’s local, Mur Lafferty…”
Facebook. Twitter. Samuel Montgomery-Blinn.
Once Sam gets hold of something, it’s a foregone conclusion of sizable awesomeness (first person to make a joke about that gets drawn and quartered…). The Bullspec team rocked it, spreading the word through newspapers and internet sites, as well as getting the Facebook page set up.

Unfortunately, Sam got sick and one of our intended participants has to have heart surgery tomorrow (best of luck, Ken!), so we missed out on them.

The final tally? Kij Johnson, David Beauchamp, Mur Lafferty, Richard Dansky and the lovely Melinda Thielbar, R.E. VanNewkirk, Natania Barron, James Maxey, and Alex Granados and Dan Campbell from Bullspec. The audience was just under 50 people, and it was a good thing we didn’t have any more, because about a 1/4 of the crowd was standing as it was!

Laura Haywood-Cory, who came by from Baen and who has been great at getting us in contact with the local people, was also able to make it by with her husband. They were armed with bright yellow flyers for the Triangle spec-fic Christmas Party. Some familiar faces from Dragon*Con and Twitter were there as well.

I also have to thank the New Hope CRM, Valerie, who has been a pleasure to work with since day 1, and who made this all possible. Thanks, too, to the unknown cafe employee who brought us cups of Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. You are forever a warm memory in my heart.

Thanks to John Klima and NSB for the awesome Electric Velocipede shirt I got to wear tonight. I’m sure it upped the awesome.

This is just the first of what we plan to have as a quarterly event, at different venues. BullSpec will be hosting these events from now on, and Sam and I will be coordinating them with different authors and subjects each time.

Of course, because I can’t say no to books, and because my mother is a book-enabler, we came away with MORE to add to the reading pile. Firefly Rain, The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Dark Futures and 2 issues of BullSpec. Oh well.

Thanks to *everyone* who attended, who spread the word, who supported us in any way. You all rock!


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