Updates, Downtime and Inside Jokes

Well, ok, there aren’t really any inside jokes. Except that one about Dragon*Con and cheap alcohol, but that doesn’t go anywhere near how you probably think it does. (Pro tip: Sensitive to allergies? Do NOT forget your allergy meds at Dragon*Con!)

As far as the updates go…wow, where to begin?

I’ve had an unprecedented amount of community involvement this month. That is *mostly*due to World Fantasy, but also do to another book releasing (yay!) and the first Natania-and-Jaym-edited issue of Crossed Genres. Anyways, links below.

Science In My Fiction: Natural Disasters
SF Signal’s Mind Meld: Great Gift Ideas for Geeks and SF and Fantasy Fans
Apex Blog: Storytellers
Fantasy Magazine: Browncoats: Redemption
Functional Nerds Podcast, Episode 30

A round-up of my personal posts this month:
Zuniporn. NSWF! Yes, that is indeed what it looks like. That’s also what happens when Paolo Bacigalupi, John Joseph Adams, Blake Charleton, James Sutter, Galen Dara and I share mental wavelengths. Or something. Once seen, it will haunt your dreams.
Aether Age excerpt: the opening lines of my first story in there.
Mini-Reviews! in which I give short reviews of my recent reading list.
And, last of all for this section: My Winter Playlist.

Anthology and Magazine:

I have two stories in the Aether Age: Helios anthology, which released on the 29th. One owes heavy debts to the classic ‘something is out to get me and I’m running out of a crucial supply’ class of movies. The other, unintentionally (but awesomely) co-authored with Fadz Johanabas, has two men watching an unknown force tearing apart their little stronghold in the depths of space. Both are horror, amusingly, which tells me I should *probably* write more horror.

Natania Barron and I have released our first issue of Crossed Genres. Issue 25, in fact, but our first, so shush. I also have the table of contents ready for Issue 26, and we are finalizing themes for the rest of the year.

The Quarterly for Crossed Genres is going to be pretty amazing, too. Each Quarterly will have 3 exclusive stories. So far we have a twisted Southern fairytale from Molly Tanzer, and a dragon and maiden tale from Zen Cho. Maurice Broaddus has agreed to an interview for this issue as well.

Coming up, I’ll be joining the Inkpunks as a blogger and the SF Portal as a reviewer. Both of those start in February, once I get the next two anthologies finished up.

20Spec is chugging along. The quality of submissions is still quite high, so send us your best! Submissions are open until December 20.

We’re also working on a reprint anthology for Raw Dog Screaming Press.

I’m going to be the publicist for Jeff VanderMeer’s next nonfiction book, Monsters, from Raw Dog Screaming Press. The official release party will be at FogCon in March. If you are in the Bay Area during that time, please come and see us! Both Jeff and Ann will be there, and they are wonderful people with way too much good advice and conversation.

The up-coming Zinechats are going to be fun. The crew of TTA Press (Overlords of Interzone and Black Static, among others) will be our December 14 guests. In January, we have a spec-fic poetry theme, with several excellent poetry editors. After that…let’s just say I had a chance to talk to Michael Stackpole at World Fantasy, and I am looking forward to scheduling him.

I don’t know quite how this happened, but I seem to be the media representative for Single Cell Productions and NBTV, as well as convention manager. Er…yes. Among other things. Which means I probably get a lot of traveling this next year. Oh, wait. I already was planning on that. Oh well.

Off to NYC next weekend, and then to California for Christmas (if my boss didn’t screw me too badly, which, at this point, is a decided possibility. I may not get *any* time off, despite my best efforts.). Then, hopefully, a few weeks home. I’m going to need them!


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