Er, what year is it?

I suppose it’s no secret that I tend to push myself a little harder than necessary. I also to best with a rigid, stressful schedule. Most of the time, it all works out ok.

Except during the holidays. The holidays are HELL for me: my schedules are unpredictable and variable, I’m working twice as hard at the day-job, and everyone is sharing the latest super-bug. This year, a ton of additional stress dropped on me on New Year’s Eve, thanks to the dayjob.

And it *really* caught up to me this year. I made it to January 2nd, and promptly committed what I regard as a grievous sin: I called out of work. For TWO. DAYS. I couldn’t even read, one of those days. Let me put perspective on this: I’ve called out of work no more than 4 days in the sum of my work history, and 2 of those days were this year. I worked with a nasty concussion from getting kicked in the head by a horse. I work through migraines. The only reason I called out that one time was because they wouldn’t let me go home and I was so sick I kept slipping in and out of consciousness as I was driving. I was pissed enough to call in the next day, even though I felt ok. And I called out once for food poisoning, but only for half of a very long shift.

I’ve been under the weather for 2 weeks, and finally accepted that I really do need to take better care of myself. Especially with all of the traveling recently. So, I took stock of what I have coming up over the course of the year, and have decided to rearrange some things.

1.) I will no longer be blogging as much. I’ve stepped back at Apex and Science in My Fiction. I’m still available to fill in, if necessary. Blogging is not my first love, and I have trouble coming up with things to talk about. However, I will be blogging for Inkpunks, and have discussed some fun things there!

2.) I’m actively working to walk away from the current day job and get something more suited to being out of town on the weekends.

3.) I’ve been through 2 rounds of monthly Crossed Genres, and almost through 1 print run. Next time, I will be able to streamline and plan ahead. I also am able to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. It is amazing how much time that saves!

4.) I have TWO anthologies to finish this month. That is…slightly insane, especially given the reading for one of them. I have several anthologies either in the works or tentatively planned for later: YA, Queer military SF (would LOVE to do this as a charitable thing!), Teapunk (which is John Klima’s gig, and I march to his beat, which is easier!), and South American steampunk.

5.) Reviewing is also not a natural thing for me. So, while I will review on occasion, I’ll be doing a lot less of this than I had planned. Instead of starting those in February, I’ll be devoting February to catching up and getting NBTV set up for the year.

6.) FogCon and Monstrous Creatures: I’m doing PR for Jeff VanderMeer’s MONSTROUS CREATURES, from Raw Dog Screaming Press. The launch party at FogCon in March is only one aspect of this.

7.) I’m working with Sam Montgomery-Blinn and other NC locals on some exciting plans for the area.

8.) Sometime this year, I want to finish editing the 20-odd short stories I have sitting around, and get them sent out. I also want to draft the YA novel running around in my head.

So, yeah. It may not look like much, but I’ve been able to streamline things a lot, and this will be much more manageable for me.

Now to get that calendar done…


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