Zinechat: The Next Generation

Ok, so there won’t be a February Zinechat. Due to being sick/overworked from the holidays, I spent nearly a month in the throes of ‘just keep everything from collapsing!’. Ergo, no one lined up for February.

In March, we’ll have the Shimmer Magazine staff as our guests.

In April, Zinechat will switch to a format that worked well for us in January’s trial run. Instead of individual guests and a Q&A format, I’m going to be pulling panels of people together for discussion. Each month will have a theme. Rose Lemberg will be joining me in the summer to help moderate, since these will be a lot more intense than our current system, both for preparation and moderation.


April: Horror (World Horror Convention is at the end of the month, so it seems fitting!)
May: Podcasting and New Media
June: LGBTQA authors, characters and organizations (Assuming Rose is done enough with the school year to help moderate…’cause this will be messy!)
July: Young Adult
August: Women in Speculative Fiction
September: Politics and Speculative Fiction (Hoooboy.)
October: Characters and Authors of Color
November: Writing and Gaming, and Writing for Gaming!
December: Editorial Roundtable
January: Poetry

Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions! As always, a huge ‘thank you’ to Casey Seda and Sarah Hendrix for hosting and posting the archives, and to Rose for moderating a great chat last month.


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