Zombie Haute Couture

Recently, a local friend founded an independent film company and they started work on their first project. I’m one of the lucky people who gets to screen this, and you can damn well bet that I’m going to have an opportunity to say ‘I knew them back when’ one of these days. Charlotte does know horror!

Anyways, I sent him a bit of advice on dealing with first projects, and thought I’d share it here, since we all have been/are going through first projects. (Yes, it was a zombie film!)

“No matter what it is, the first time is, most likely, the absolute worst you can do. You don’t know the rules or how to break them, you’ve not learned to wrangle your fictional cast yet, and you don’t have experience to trust. It’s guts and garters. It’s true all the way through, from first project to last. Always a crapshoot. Eventually though, you hit magic, and all that guts and garters turns into zombie haute couture. “


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