Booklife, Monstrous Creatures and Weird Tales

March 12, FogCon, San Francisco, California

Jeff and Ann VanderMeer talk about keeping a healthy Booklife, care and feeding of your Monstrous Creature, and creating a really Weird Tale. Jeff and Ann will lead off with a bit of discussion, and then take questions dealing with your specific experiences and needs. Bring thick skin, a notebook, an open mind and curiosity.

Event will be held at 11am Saturday at Contraband Coffee, which is a couple of blocks from the hotel, in easy walking distance. There are only 15 spots, due to seating and the need for a good discussion. First-come, first serve. Please email publicity (at) if you are interested. No cost to attend!

I’ll have a print-out of directions with me, and I’ll send the directions to everyone who comes. This is a great opportunity for a serious writer or one who is just starting out and needs a solid foundation.


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