Lessons Learned From Food Poisoning at a Convention

Like the title says…

It really, REALLY sucks to get sick away from home. Especially when you’re at a con where you intended to network and meet people and HAVE FUN. I will always feel that Peche’s Juniper Creme Brulee is my White Whale, the thing that got away from me.

Er, anyways. Nasty as it is, this weekend did teach me a couple of good things about how to handle such a situation.

1.) Don’t drink the hotel water if you can possibly help it. My tastebuds were, of course, completely whacked, so I didn’t notice the chlorine until too late, which didn’t help anything.

2.) DO stock up on bottled water. Even though I couldn’t keep it down, I was significantly less dehydrated by the end, and I didn’t have the awful effects of dry heaves/stomach acid or a nasty taste in my mouth.

3.) WHISKEY DOES HELP. I have to thank Torch for this one. Not only during the problem, but after. It helps kill whatever triggered the reaction, and it settled my stomach/strengthened me up. I barely made it out of bed both Sunday and Monday mornings, but just a sip of the whiskey made a noticeable difference. There’s a reason they used this stuff in the old days!

4.) Coconut water or green tea are excellent choices for things to be drinking, if you can. Gen Mai Cha is a neutral enough taste that it doesn’t…taste…coming back up. It also has antioxidants. Coconut water can be a bit tricky, taste-wise, for some people, but it has electrolytes, and doesn’t taste as bad as Pediasure or whatever. It’s also shelf-stable, so it’s not a bad idea to have some with you.

5.) Ginger helps settle the stomach, too. Asian food is typically a good thing to eat after food poisoning. Light broths especially.

This is easily the most miserable convention EVER, but hey, I learned some things!


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