Stuff, Things and SFWA

So, a few weeks ago, the wonderful John Joseph Adams forwarded an email and asked if I had time to do some last-minute publicity for the Nebulas. I did. It was fun. Among other things, we got a piece in the Washington Post and I discovered that there are some wonderfully competent and nice people in the world.

Saturday night, I met with Mary Robinette Kowal at BayCon, and finalized a new arrangement. I will now be the official publicist for SFWA. One of the tasks is to promote and help with a new reading series in the Northwest. After running the events with Sam Montgomery Blinn for a year, I’m looking forward to doing this, and to setting up similar events in Austin, a project I’d started before I knew SFWA was working on the Northwest series. Stay tuned on that, we’re going to be doing a lot with this idea, it looks like.

I also picked up a couple more clients for the freelance side, so finding a job ASAP is suddenly behind ‘update the website’ on the ‘must do’ list. Not a bad position to be in.

As usual, I skipped the panels and the con proper and just parked myself at a table in the bar with Emily Jiang and Morgan Dempsey. Over the course of the evening, the table became The Place To Be. Jacob and Rina Weisman, Gail Carriger, Jeremy Lassen, John Picacio, Mary Robinette Kowal, Sandra Taylor, Marty Halpern, Fran Myman (who has the most amazing dresses), Dani and Eytan Kollin and Dan Sawyer all stopped by for at least a few minutes.

Today, my grandmother drove down from Placerville in her Mazda Miata, and let me drive all the way back with the top down. Tomorrow, my desk goes back to San Jose, and I can really get to working, before my clients start threatening me.

As an aside, after 10 years of ownership, my 4 beloved horses are going to be renamed. Captain is now Rambo, the Attack!Stallion (a retired harness racer with a dozen dogs, multiple horses, many trees, a half-dozen men and a cougar on his list of vanquished foes); Doc is now Chewtoy, because he meanders through the world in a daze and is only happy if he has a bit of Rambo, human or other critter in his teeth; Blaze is Romeo; and Beau is Juggernaut (this is the gorgeous, stupid, loving Paint colt who mowed me down from behind when he was 1 year old and nearly crippled me).

All 4 of them come running when I whistle, and will follow me around the pasture without any incentive. If I stop, they cuddle up and lip at my clothes or rest their muzzles on my shoulder and huff in my ear or face.

These critters were my best friends and security blankets for 10 years. Beau and Blaze came to me as 4 month old hellions, the closest thing to kids I’ll ever have. Neither have ever had another trainer, after the 1 trainer we tried dared to punish Blaze for her own incompetence. I can lead any one of them to a bank and hop onto their back and just sit there without bridle or halter or any rope. They are good for the heart and soul, and being able to see them regularly is the best stress-relief I’ve got.

I missed my boys. It’s good to be home.


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