In which Google+ is cool and con schedules are posted!

Yep, Google+ will probably end up stealing me from Facebook. From a personal standpoint, the security is better. From a publicist’s standpoint…wow, it’s nice to be able to organize and group like this. I’m a systems nut, so any time I get a new and improved system to play with, I’m happy. And, to add to that, it’s still in beta, and I’ve had fun participating and brainstorming. If it continues on this path, I am guessing that it will be to Facebook what Facebook was to MySpace. I would, however, like to see Google organize a little more and make everything work together a little more. Labels, homepages, etc. I’m also a fan of the stated privacy policies, and hope that nothing like Buzz ever shows its face again!

Now, about that convention this weekend…(WesterCon)

I’m on a ton of panels. 5, to be precise, and moderating 3. That adds up to over 7 hours of talking, with the way these are set up.



Body Mods: Expanding the Senses: 1-2:30 pm

It’s already possible to alter human senses with gadgets and implants: a magnet under the skin on your fingertip lets you sense magnetic fields; divers can have orientation sensors send data via their tongues. Will new modes of sensory input be the killer app for body modification?
Bobbie DuFault (M), Jaym Gates, Brad Templeton

Your Local Library: Fortress of Solitude or Last Best Hope?: 4-5:30pm

The role of libraries in fostering YA fantasy and science fiction is essential.
But in these days of cost-cutting, are libraries still able to help in the way they were when we were kids? If not, what can we do to help raise the next generation of fan readers?
Jaym Gates, Jay Hartlove (M), Randy Smith


How to Promote Yourself as a Writer Without Being Obnoxious: 10-11:30 (I’m dying here, people!)

Not all promotion is good promotion. Where does one draw the line between constructive and destructive promotion?
Valerie E. Frankel, Jaym Gates (M), Erin Hoffman, Karen Williams

Will the Anthology Market Come Back?: 4-5:30 pm

Anthologies have been difficult for publishers for decades. There was a time when they were more consistent sellers, but these days they rarely earn out their advances. What does the future hold for the anthology market?
Jaym Gates, Marty Halpern (M), Deborah Ross, Rachel Swirsky, Karen Williams
(Due to scheduling conflicts, I will actually be moderating this in Marty’s place.


Art Forms for Other Senses: 1-2:30pm

What sort of art would be made by species whose senses differ from our own? Imagine scent-paintings, sonic tapestries, symphonies of electromagnetic radiation, and sculptures of pressure and convection currents in a fluid medium….
Jaym Gates (M), Chelsea Kalenda, Kate Morgenstern, Juliette Wade


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