Yes! I do, in fact, promote books and folks and the occasional shiny thing. My specialties are science fiction and fantasy books and magazines, though I’ve dabbled in horror, literary and thrillers, too. Even a movie! (In other words, I’m open to pitches on those, but don’t have as many resources and connections.)

I offer both publicity for individual books, author management and multiple book/author work for presses.

Among other things, I can: solicit blurbs; create and send out review packages; set up interviews, online or meat-world book launches, readings, book tours, blog tours; create run give-aways and promotional efforts; and work with artists and web designers to set you up with promotional material, give-away prizes and a website.

My clients include Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, the Nebula Awards, Jeff VanderMeer, JoSelle Vanderhooft, Mur Lafferty, Robert J. Bennett and Raw Dog Screaming Press.

Besides my publicity experience, I’ve also edited and promoted two anthologies of my own. My nonfiction has been published in Fantasy Magazine, Crossed Genres, local magazines and newsletters and on various blogs. Nonfiction isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I can do it.

Please contact me at jaym.gates (at) gmail if you would like to talk about promotions for your book, magazine or press, or for you as an author.


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Wings Lifting Wide is the professionally-oriented account for Jaym Gates. You know, the one where she keeps the majority of her opinions to herself and focuses on the issues at hand. Her personal blog can be found under To Breathe Underwater.

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